Toad & Co. Goes on Road to Push Sustainability

By Hallie Beyer

Drew Brooker, sales associate for Toad & Co., pulled up in a renovated ‘63 Shasta camper with a sign that that reads “Save the Planet. Go Nude” in bold letters across the side on Jan. 17 at Impact Hub’s Funk Zone location.

This was the first of many stops on the company’s “Save the Planet tour across the country. During the next couple of months, the Toad & Co. team will be making 36 stops around the country in effort to celebrate communities saving the planet.

Toad & Co. markets apparel from recycled clothes.

The apparel industry is the fourth-largest polluter of air and water on Earth. That’s why Toad & Co. is motivated to drive change. Since 1998, the Santa Barbara-based apparel company is on a mission to prove sustainability can be stylish and suitable for any lifestyle, especially adventurous ones.

Brooker shares the unofficial mission statement of the company as “inspiring people to live their fullest lives, while keeping natural playgrounds intact for next generations to come by buying environmentally conscious clothes and spreading a positive message.”

The ‘63 Shasta camper is renovated with completely up-cycled materials, including floor boards made from a pine tree that would have been scrapped because of deterioration from an infectious beetle. Inside, the trailer is filled with Toad & Co. product line, including men’s and women’s apparel and other merchandise such as reusable mugs.

The pop-up shop seeks to educate visitors about the impact of their consumer behaviors and what they can do to become more conscious buyers. Toad & Co. officials realize that making a positive change takes more than just ethical and sustainable sourcing, and involves creating a community that shares and upholds the same environmental values.

Toad & Co.’s  Save the Planet pop-up will be at several more locations in Santa Barbara through the end of the month, including Handlebar Coffee, Topa Topa, Figueroa Mountain Brewing, Telegraph Brewing and Captain Fatty’s.

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