County Restricts More Cannabis, But Kicks Some Issues For Later

While sending most issues back to the planning commission, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors July 16 pushed toward further restrictions on cannabis production in unincorporated areas. 

Under pubic pressure, supervisors cut cannabis cultivation to be equal to the acreage in applications received as of July 9.  

They also required odor-control measures to be met during business-license processing and pulled exemptions for those without stink mitigation after Sept. 2. They said civil action will be taken against pot cultivation operations where the odor is considered a “nuisance.” 

However, county officials said many of the issues to be decided regarding cannabis regulations are left for the planning commission to hash out in coming weeks or months. 

The total amount of proposed cannabis production in unincorporated is 1,510 acres in the county’s inland region. However, that might shift once the amount is firmly established, county staff said. Some news reports claim the county has the world’s largest legal pot farms. 

Earlier this month, the board banned cannabis cultivation on smaller lots zoned Agriculture 1. 

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