Unite to Light Shines New, Improved Solar-Powered Lamp

Santa Barbara-based Unite to Light is offering a new and more versatile solar-powered lamp.

United to Light President Megan Birney said the new, brighter “Luke Light” has a longer-lasting and more powerful lithium-polymer battery. It is water-proof, has a more flexible goose neck and push-button on-off switch.

As United to Light has done since it was founded in 2010,a sale of one of the lamps means another lamp will go to another country where there is little or no electricity. Almost 100,000 of the lights have been distributed to 70 countries.

The new 20-lumen task lamps, which still sell for $20, use technology that originated at UC at Santa Barbara.The lamps generate hours of brilliant light and are designed for reading, medical examinations or tasks that require a focused light.

On a full charge, the lamps provide about eight hours of light and weigh about 6.45 ounces.

Birney said Unite to Light continues to work on education and disasters with such global groups as Goleta-based Direct Relief and the United Nations.

Unite to Light also sells solar-powered chargers for $50 for cell phones, tablets or other devices. The chargers are also “buy one, give one.”

For more information, see http://www.unitetolight.org/

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