Dylan Star Grand Opening Shines

Dylan Star boutique drew many friends and patrons Sept. 16.

With perhaps a couple hundred patrons and friends coming and going Sept. 16, Eric Brown staged the grand opening of her new boutique Dylan Star, 1719 State St. 

As colorful women’s apparel flew out the door after Brown’s husband, Brandon, took in the receipts at the cash register, visitors munched on tacos, veggies and unique desserts. The Dylan Star boutique is in the same building as Salon U where Brown has worked for nine years as a hairdresser. 

She said she’s still going work a couple of days a week styling hair, but her goal is to bring apparel that is more affordable than at the boutiques to the south on State Street. 

“Santa Barbara needs new clothing for women,” Brown said, noting that the apparel in Dylan Star comes in sizes that would fit any female who would get her hair styled in the salon. 

As more and more high-priced boutiques close on State Street, Brown said she believes she has the right spot to supply her clients with what they are looking for in apparel.

UPDATE: Digital marketer Jade Flogerzi reported, “(Dylan Star’s) sales for the first week were double what was projected for the entire month. The numbers are proof that women want a personal touch that cannot be duplicated online. Much positive feedback too about the prices, styles and quality.”

Brown said she has poured her life into her career and if she had a daughter, she would name her Dylan Star. 

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