Successful Wardrobe Image for Men – It’s All About Quality and Fit

By Valerie Burns


It’s been revealed to me time and time again how important fit and quality are for presenting a stylish, even relaxed, but polished image for men.

I’ve noticed that many of my male clients often wear a size too big and don’t have the perfect hem length to pants, and this would include jeans. It makes or breaks the overall look. Great fit will equal a stylish look on a man.

If you are wearing clothes too big, the look will appear sloppy and unprofessional. It’s currently fashionable to wear pants a bit shorter and narrow. This is going to look best on a taller man.

Less is best. Focus on good quality trousers and shirts that fit you really well.  Spring is a good time to add a little color, and think classy vs. flashy. A nice-looking pin-stripe shirt can go a long way. Make sure the fit is good in the body (not baggy) and the sleeve length is right. Men’s wear can be boring and limited. So, to stand out it’s about emphasizing details such as color, fit, style and minimum accessories.

If you want to wear jeans for a business-casual style, then be sure to wear jeans that have quality and a flattering appeal. Pair your jeans with an interesting, collared shirt that you don’t have to tuck in.  Add a versatile sport jacket to polish jean attire for a classic business casual look that would be appropriate for a date or social business networking events.

There are jackets and then there are jackets. Same goes for suits. It’s all about quality fabric, fit and flattering versatile color and texture. One great sports jacket and one knock-out suit (unless you’re wearing a suit every day) are all you need to take you from casual to formal.

Last but not least are shoes, and they say a lot about a man. Trust me: Women notice. A comfortable, stylish slip-on works with most jeans and trouser looks.  Lace-ups are best for suits.

So, take a look at yourself in a three-way mirror and see how you measure up in hem length, fit from front to back, and dynamic color all to create an empowered image that creates magnetic energy for your business and social life. If the idea of putting this together for yourself is daunting, hire a professional to get you on the right track.

My clients have experienced transformational image makeovers creating an empowered presentation for their business and social life! I make sure that it’s workable, understandable and stress-free fitting to an individual’s needs, goals, personality and, of course, business.

As a Santa Barbara-based wardrobe image and interior décor makeover consultant and public speaker, Valerie Burns has more than 20 years of experience producing style transformations that drive personal and professional success. See valerieburns.comSpecial discount offer of 15 percent on initial consultation!