Taco Shop Plans July 4th Grand Opening

While most folks are preparing for hot dogs and fireworks for next week’s 4th of July celebration, Ruben Casillas is getting ready to open Santa Barbara’s newest taqueria: Estilo Jalisco Tacos and Takeout, 209 S. Milpas St., Suite A, at 6 p.m. that day. 

The meat for the tacos and other dishes is cooked in “su jugo estilo Guadalajara, Jalisco,” in the style of Guadalajara in the Mexican state of Jalisco. 

Twenty-three-year Santa Barbara resident Casillas and his business partner Miguel Avelos are ready to take on the dozens of taquerias along the South Coast with their own style of cuisine based on what they learned in their native Guadalajara. 

Casillas is founder of Santa Barbara Floral Artistry. His floral company puts on personal and large-scale events and his new enterprise will cater special events with tacos, tortas, quesadillas and other Mexican cuisine. He said he has always wanted to open a restaurant. 

Casillas has been a floral designer for more than 15 years. He decided to create a floral studio specializing in special events because of his passion for designing meticulously crafted floral aesthetics for weddings, corporate events and other important celebrations. 

Posted July 1, 2019.

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