CARP Growers Fund School Drug Counselor Post

CARP Growers, a nonprofit cannabis farmers group in Carpinteria Valley, on Aug. 27 donated $63,000 for the next three years to pay for a full-time, on-campus counselor for Carpinteria Middle School students. 

Carpinteria Unified School District officials accepted the gift for the counselor position identified by district leaders as a top priority, according to a CARP news release. 

“This funding opportunity really highlights what CARP, as a nonprofit, was built to do,” said Kyle Hardy, treasurer for CARP Growers board and president of Cresco California, a cannabis company that operates a farm in Carpinteria Valley. “Our team in Carpinteria includes numerous parents of students at Carpinteria Middle School and schools throughout our school district. We support them and their families.” 

CARP, or Cannabis Association for Responsible Producers, pledged to fill the counselor’s position for three years for a total of $189,000. The school district will hire a counselor through the Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, which specializes in youth programs and interventions for at-risk youth throughout Santa Barbara County.  

The nonprofit group sponsored college tours for high school students last year. Before the start of the 2019-2020 school year, it was determined that the middle school youth counselor was an unmet top priority for the school district. 

“Farmers in Carpinteria Valley have been the backbone of local nonprofits that provide so many critical community services,” said Anthony Staal, CARP Growers board secretary. “Economically, things weren’t looking so hot for our flower growers, five or 10 years ago; so, to see this donation is a sure sign that a rising tide can lift all ships.” 

CARP Growers is comprised of 12 member farms. The news release said organization’s mission is to “foster a positive relationship with the community of Carpinteria by setting best practices among cannabis farmers.” 

To be a member, farmers must demonstrate they use vapor-phase odor-control systems, among other best practices, and commit to using membership dues to contribute to community causes. 

Posted Aug. 28, 2019. 

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