Water-from-Air Machines Ready to Flow

The AV5 produces five gallons of water a day.

The Santa Barbara-based company AquaViable is turning a corner this year with a sustained inventory of more than 75 machines that literally make water from air.  

“We are bringing the product to the people who are most excited about it; that’s health-conscious folks,” said company founder Rodney Loehr, 30, a water specialist originally from Arizona.    

The machines, which have been on preorder for a year and a half, are being sold to schools, doctors’ offices, other businesses and private residences from Santa Barbara to San Diego, as well as in Texas and Florida, said Loehr.  

Loehr said he plans to take the AquaViable machines to Cape Town, South Africa, which faces a looming water shortage that some experts say will mean the city will run out of potable water soon.  

He said the idea is for people to have their own premium quality drinking water from a reliable source. 

The smaller machines, called AV5s, produce about five gallons of water a day. They stand about 3½ feet tall by about 1½ foot wide. Some larger AquaViable machines can produce much more liquid daily, Loehr said.   

It’s a higher quality water unlike the liquid from the tap or that found in bottles at the market, he said. AquaViable water leaves no carbon footprint since there are no plastic bottles to get rid of. 

AquaViable machines work in much the same way clouds in the sky do. The machines condense the humidity in the air and create water on the spot. Loehr compares it to the condensation on a cold glass of water. The AquaViable liquid tastes somewhat like distilled water with a little calcium added to it.  

For the past year, Loehr and his business partner have been educating potential buyers who see the machine and taste the water. 

For more information, see https://aquaviable.com/how-it-works/

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