The One Question that Leads to a Life-Changing Shift

Jackie Ruka is America’s Happyologist.

Often I counsel and coach leaders and professionals on a daily basis. Which means, I need to walk my talk as well. It is usually during life transformation, or perhaps a personal growth spurt that challenges you to recognize that if I am not learning and growing, I am dying. OK, sounds extreme, most would term it as “stuck.” You get where I am coming from, right? 

So, the question is: Why do you get out of bed each day? When a mentor or coach asks you this question the underlying meaning behind the ask is more about are you placing energy and investment in your own life? And have you applied the proper value and significance to your life? 

It seems life has a way of getting in the way and catching up with us to the point where you may feel unfulfilled, stagnant and tired at the end of the day. This is not uncommon and equates to the premise where 71 percent of people are unengaged and unhappy in their jobs and looking for a new job, according to Mental Health America. This too can leak into your personal life and wreak havoc on marriages, intimacy and overall personal well-being. Albeit, life and interpersonal issues are symptoms of something deeper. 

Well, you may have invested in yourself, your retirement and your family up to this point. Or perhaps your family has invested in you? Life may have been good up to this point or “as planned.” And that may all be good, however, you are capable of more than good. You are capable of being great. Which means, stop being selfish and focus on the resources that the Universe/God has given you and start helping others. You see, when you unleash the leader within, life shifts. In a BIG way. One begins to have a new perspective determining what gives you meaning and purpose. 

The challenge begins with unleashing the leader within. To be all you can be and prepare yourself with utilizing all your skills to impact others. To start, begin developing a compelling life mission statement with compelling life goals. Make your goals exciting and expansive enough that you can’t wait to jump out of bed each day! With inspired action, you can reach your goals.  

The secret to becoming great is living and breathing these goals each and every day. To live with a preoccupation of obtaining these goals and write them down every night. 

This shift starts to happen when you go deeper into who you want to be and how redefining your success and happiness goes beyond just you and the outcome of being and doing all that one is capable of, for the good of all humankind can take form. Once the shift happens, each morning you will wake up with a sense of new meaning and purpose. 

So, the question is Why do get out of bed each day? 

Posted Nov. 19, 2019.

Jackie Ruka of JR International Coaching and Consulting helps professionals master the inner game to empower your income, your purpose, your life and go to the next level. Jackie is a #1 best selling Author of the book, “Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life!” Follow her on LinkedIn or set up a complimentary coffee chat.

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