This Year’s Summer Solstice Celebration Theme is ‘Heroes’


“Heroes” is the theme of the 2018 Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Celebration, which starts June 22, with the 44th annual parade the next day up State Street. 

“We are so grateful and beyond moved by our local heroes and all of the beauty that has been shown by hundreds of emergency professionals and firefighters who have come to Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties to fight the Thomas fire that has wreaked havoc on our area,” said Summer Solstice Executive Director Robin Elander.

“Now, with the recent mudslides in Montecito, we are again finding heroes everywhere: in our neighbors, our community businesses and growing within ourselves,” she said.  

Community members submitted more than 100 theme suggestions, but one that rose to the top for certain this year was “Heroes.” 

“Heroes inspire us, motivate us to rise to the occasion and help us to overcome challenges,” Elander said. “Heroes guide us and excite us through their thoughts, actions and deeds and all hold a special place in our hearts.” 

She said the Summer Solstice Celebration’s mission is to bring the community together through the arts. “This year we will carry our mission through healing, joyful and inspiring events and activities honoring our heroes via the arts,” Elander said. 

Solstice organizers are planning a variety of new events that combine support for downtown businesses, fire and mudslide victims, and highlighting the local artistic community and fundraising to make the parade and festival possible. 

“We are also making the transition to an International Art, Music and Culture festival. We are working to expand our footprint to add new programming where and when we can,” Elander said. 

For more information, contact Elander at [email protected] and look for updates at  

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