Santa Barbara Chef Featured at May 11 Cannabis Confab

Santa Barbara native cannabis chef Matthew Vieth will conduct a workshop on his culinary arts at the all-day May 11 Medical Cannabis Conference and Expo at the Veteran’s Memorial Building, 112 W. Cabrillo Blvd, Santa Barbara.

Vieth is Le Cordon Bleu-trained and uses mostly Santa Barbara Farmers Market produce and locally sourced ingredients. 

 A private chef and caterer, he has been infusing food and confections with cannabis for years and says he is excited to share his culinary knowledge, including his favorite recipes at the workshop. 

Some of the cannabis culinary techniques Vieth will teach include the correct cannabis oil breakdown, decarboxylation, the benefits of infused butter versus oil, how to store infusion and how to make cannabis calculations when cooking for consistent proper dosing. 

Attendees will receive at least three cannabis-infused recipes and may participate in a question-and-answer session. 

 Event organizers said at the end of this workshop attendees will be able to: 

  • determine what type of cannabis products are ideal for preparing edibles and meals; 
  • identify the “do’s” and “don’ts” when making infused-dishes; 
  • create multiple delicious edible treats and meals with consistent dosing; 
  • find recommended online resources for an endless variety of infused edibles and meals; 
  • determine the best way to store your home-made edibles and infusion ingredients for maximum shelf-life. 

Vieth is one of several presenters at the conference. See

Keynote speakers include Uwe Blesching on “Breaking the Cycle of Opioid Addiction: Supplement Your Pain Management with Cannabis” and Dr. Joe Goldstrich on “How to Treat Cancer with Cannabis.” 

Thie conference is for adults 18 and older. It includes sessions from expert speakers, question-and-answer sessions, a documentary presentation, book signings, exhibitors offering non-THC giveaways, music and food vendors 

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