Santa Barbara Author Pens ‘Bullseye,’ Novel from Los Angeles to Spain with Love

Santa Barbara author Mia M. Ruiz.

Santa Barbara author Mia M. Ruiz has released her first novel after writing two screenplays and a stage play. 

A 10th generation Santa Barbaran of Spanish descent, Ruiz spent a dozen years in Hollywood after graduating from Dos Pueblos High School. She worked as a model, dancer, actor and at other jobs. while crossing paths with the likes of movie maker David Lynch. 

Her first novel, “Bullseye — A Story,” is set in neo-noir Los Angeles where a widowed newspaper journalist struggles to rediscover himself after a horrific car crash that killed his wife, robbed his memory and prompted him to run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. 

Cleverly scripted, “Bullseye A Story” is a novel that has intense character development, rich background and is a sensual tale told well. 

The depiction of Los Angeles is strikingly hot. The street patois between the characters is gritty and vibrant. The urban landscape is culturally accurate to a native Angeleno or enlightening to a newcomer. 

However, it is the rhythmic dialogue between the very authentic characters that carries the reader to turn page after page. The narrative flows along without breaks for chapters. 

The author seems to channel other authors from different eras and backgrounds. The passages set in Spain seem to be as authentic as can be without the author’s visit to them in person. 

The action scenes toward the conclusion give the reader a climax that was worth waiting for and a rush that is quite entertaining. 

Overall, “Bullseye A Story” is a richly entertaining novel with a lot to offer anyone who enjoys a good Raymond Chandler or even Ernest Hemmingway novel.

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Posted Dec. 16, 2019.

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