Report: CVS Plans to Add More CBD Products

The online publication Leafly posted several interesting reports this week regarding the CVS drug store chain and trends that show marijuana legalization is growing among the U.S. public – especially among Republicans – while Congress is awash with bills calling for some kind of end to pot prohibition. 

In California and seven other states, CVS already sells CBD products in the face of federal prohibition. However, CVS plans to add CBD products from Curaleaf soon, according to Leafly.  

CVS has five Santa Barbara-area stores. Curaleaf sells its products in licensed dispensaries in 11 states. 

By contrast, police recently raided two north Texas GM Tobacco stores and confiscated $50,000 in CBD products, but no arrests were made, Leafly reported. 

Leafly posted an Associated Press story based on a General Social Survey that found 54 percent of the nation’s Republicans favor pot legalization in some form, an increase from 45 percent three years ago, while 76 percent of Democrats have a similar view.  

Meanwhile, Congress is looking at six bills aimed at having the federal government stop the prohibition of cannabis products nationwide. 

To date, it appears only one of those bills has a hearing, but experts say this Congress is the most likely to move toward ending pot prohibition, even though many similar measures have been proposed in years past. 

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Posted March 25, 2019

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