Radius Almost Hits Record Commercial Sales, But Deals' Sizes Are Smaller

2016 was another impressive year for the largest commercial real estate company on the South Coast.

Radius records going back to 1998 show that the just-ended past year came to a strong close with 101 sales, two fewer than 2014’s record 103 sales.

South Coast commercial sales for the past half decade have not fallen below 83 deals for each of the last five years, even with the slow recovery from the recession, Radius reported Jan. 26.

In their year-end 2016 sales report, Radius officials said the data reinforces the region’s status “as a relatively safe haven for real estate investments.”

Total 2016 transaction volume reached $366 million for Radius. That compares to $439 million in 2014 and $437 in 2015.

“While this certainly does not suggest property values are dropping, individual deal sizes are,” Radius officials said. They expect that trend to continue.