UPDATED: Q2 Cannabis Quarterly Event SRO at IHub

With it becoming an $8 billion industry in the next several years, the cannabis industry is at the tipping point of coming onto its own as a legal industry, a Santa Barbara-based real estate consultant told a crowd of more than 100 on April 18. 

Meanwhile, a merger reportedly has been completed between
Canopy Health & Wellness Center has combined with Green Cuisine Delivery Inc.

Collin Dvorak spoke at the Quarterly Cannabis Networking & Workshop Event at the downtown Impact Hub, which drew more than 100 members of the Santa Barbara-area cannabis industry. 

Dvorak is the founder and CEO of San Marcos Consulting, a cannabis operations and real estate firm. The law firm of Brownstein Farber Hyatt Schreck again sponsored the event as it did in January. 

“It’s not a matter of if, but when” cannabis will be legalized across the United States,” Dvorak told the standing-room-only crowd. Federal law still classifies it like heroin or cocaine.  

Cannabis is “the next Coca-Cola” and touted for many things like the next cure for cancer, he said. And, Santa Barbara is the perfect place for the entire cannabis industry, he said. 

Another speaker, Chelsea Sutula from the Sespe Creek Collective cannabis dispensary in Ojai, discussed the variety of cannabis products on the market today. She also talked about using the proper dosage when taking cannabis. 

And, Sutula said, there is a push to use more plant-based packaging for cannabis products so that less plastic and other non-biodegradable material goes into landfills. 

Some of the co-sponsors of the event included Santa Barbara-based Botanical Veterinary Products, which sells cannabis products for animals online, and BudBuddy, the Cannabis Nexus, which seeks to the “the Amazon” of the paraphernalia and CBD industry. 

Amy Steinfeld, attorney at Brownstein Farber Hyatt and Schreck, closed the gathering with a head-ups to industry members and proponents. She said a “very loud” group on anti-cannabis advocates is trying to take down the budding industry. 

She said proponents should stand their ground.

Meanwhile, an ex-Canopy Club employee reported the former medical dispensary, 118 N. Milpas St., will provide home delivery along the Central Coast in the wake of the Green Cuisine merger.

Earlier this year, Ryan Howe, founder of the 2-year-old Canopy Health & Wellness Center, said his company was in negotiations to merge with Green Cuisine and become a “full-service” cannabis grower, processor, wholesaler and retailer.

The Canopy and Green Cuisine invited clients to attend a 4/20 celebration and customer appreciation sale on April 20.

Posted April 18, 2009. Updated April 19, 2019.

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