Oniracom Partners with County Heath on Cannabis Program

The Santa Barbara-based, 18-year-old company Oniracom and the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department have launched a digital and social media-based public education campaign called the Cannabis Education Program. 

The program uses science-based cannabis research to inform the Santa Barbara County community, according to Oniracom officials. 

The program uses popular digital mediums and includes a series of videos from the California Department of Public Health’s statewide campaign “Let’s Talk Cannabis.” 

 The county’s campaign includes a rap music video, conversations between parents and children and “up-to-date information from credible sources about the dangers of using cannabis for youth, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, Oniracom officials said. 

“Our vision is that this campaign will create space for teens to have conversations about cannabis with trusted adults and for soon-to-be moms or new moms to discuss the impacts of cannabis use with their healthcare providers,” said Van Do-Reynoso, director for the county Public Health Department.  

The public education campaign will run through September and is expected to reach thousands of residents countywide. To learn more, see www.LetsTalkCannabisSBC.org 

Oniracom uses social media and other methods to support musician Jack Johnson, Sony, Disney, Universal, Warner, Sonos, Deckers, the Santa Barbara Bowl and a host of startups and nonprofits. 

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