News Media Fights Back on White House Attacks

More than 100 newspapers across the United States of America are planning to publish editorials this week to condemn the treatment of the news media by the administration in the White House. 

Why not Santa Barbara Business as well? 

All media outlets, big and small, are threatened when they are called “enemy of the people.” All media members are threatened when the government tells them what they can cover and what they cannot. 

In this country, anyone with a beef against a media outlet can express it. However, to condemn the entire spectrum of media is, to say the least, alarming and a threat to the Constitution. 

Think about it: What if all elected officials began telling the media what it should do and if it didn’t, it would be cut off from official sources of information that residents of this country rely upon almost daily? 

Comparisons to countries such as North Korea, China, and Russia quickly come to mind, but there are many more. In Mexico for example, scores of journalists have been savagely murdered by drug cartels with the government powerless to stop the slaughter. 

Are we headed in that direction? Will the First Amendment become not worth the paper it’s written on? Remember, that amendment also calls for your free speech along with a free press. Could both be effectively repealed, or at least ignored? 

Well, watch closely because Washington is bringing that possibility closer to our doorsteps each week.  

Write an email or letter to your most trusted media outlets and ask them not to succumb to the strongest anti-media campaign since the Nixon White House referred to the press as “nattering nabobs of negativism.” 

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