My New Year's Predictions and 2 Resolutions

2017 holds a great deal of uncertainties, but one thing is for sure: Changes are ahead, both good and bad.

2016 was a hard year. I don’t usually put the spotlight on myself. However, open-heart surgery took away half my year. It delayed the official launch of this website, which will occur when the long-awaited crowd-funding campaign gets underway soon.

To adequately launch this website, needs $4,000 to pay for new equipment, legal insurance, a brand ambassador and sundries. It will be a two-month campaign, with all the funds going to

I predict Santa Barbara will be generally immune to the chaos in Washington, D.C., but the overall economy is primed for a bubble burst. That might affect South Coast real estate. Rents and triple-net leases will continue to increase, driving out many small businesses.

I predict Impact Hub will become a key player in the downtown economy. With the upcoming opening of a second location in the spring and the plan to open a third in the future, IHub is a going concern. I must pay tribute to the people at IHub who took me in after my surgery in April and gave me a place to write and meet some great entrepreneurs.

I am humbled by the likes of Eric Sanchez, Robin Elander and Dan Ferrick, just to name a few of the people at IHub who have made me feel at home. And, a big thanks to Paul Orfelea who has made IHub happen in more ways than one. I should also mention my son, Zac, and close friends Marty Tangeman, Jackie Ruka and Diana Anderson were a big part of my recovery.

Anyway, I don’t want to get too misty, but I resolve to work even more closely with the business community in 2017 and get this site officially launched. Period.