New Impact Name for Hub: Kiva Cowork

To those who know, Impact Hub chief investor — and Kinko’s founder — Paul Orfaela has long wanted to have his own brand on the collaborative work space know as Impact Hub, with its three locations around downtown Santa Barbara.

After more than three years as Impact Hub, the new name for the company is Kiva Cowork. Impact Hub co-founder and general manager Dan Ferrick said in an email that the name is a Native American term for “a place where community gathers.”

“We have been planning this for some time now and it’s finally happening.” Ferrick wrote. “We loved being a part of the Impact Hub family; however, we learned over time that in order for us to be able to better support the SB community and to grow, there would come a day that we’d have to leave the nest.”

On several occasions Orfaela expressed some consternation with the how the Impact Hub brand hemmed his ideas in. More than 100 Impact Hubs can be found around the world from Australia to Germany, Greece and so on. It has been described as a franchise-type of confederation.

With its three locations in Santa Barbara, downtown, in the Funk Zone and on Chapala Street, Impact Hub has served as a launching pad for start ups as well as more established enterprises. It also has hosted many business community and social events.

Many companies have come and gone from Impact Hub, but that was sort of the idea when it started operation in mid-2016: Companies incubate and when they grow up, they move on to bigger heights.

“Around our spaces you’ll notice the Kiva hexagon represented here and there and we’ll have stickers, shirts and other swag at our Halloween mixer at the end of October,” Ferrick wrote.

Last year, Impact Hub officials presented an idea to set up as many as six more similar facilities up and down the Central Coast. It appears that notion might be easier to come true with the re-branding.

At that time, Ferrick also said Impact Hub was in a good position to open more facilities with the impending recession, which has apparently started in the manufacturing industry and is expected to hit, but not as hard as in 2008.

Many home-based enterprises found Impact Hub and other South Coast co-working spaces a welcome alternative to coffee shops as a place to do business during and after the recession.

Other co-working facilities around Santa Barbara include workzones, which just tripled its size, the Sandbox, Synergy and Regus.

Posted Oct. 11, 2019.

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