New 3D Printers Make Larger Objects at SBCC

Santa Barbara City College has beefed up its array of three-dimensional printers.

And, students soon will be able to take a class to learn how use the device that has many applications in the hi-tech business design world

SBCC has acquired of two of the industry’s state-of-the-art 3D printers. The college’s drafting professor Armando Arias del Cid will use the devices in his Intro to 3D Printing class, beginning April 22 on SBCC’s main campus.

The Markforged Mark-Two and Makerbot z18 printers were obtained through a California Department of Education Career Technical Education Incentive Grant. They add to the drafting department’s growing collection of 3D printers.

The new printers, along with the school’s two Makerbot replicator 2x models, operate through a process called additive manufacturing. The printer interprets a 3D model blueprint design and transforms it into a model or prototype by adding plastic material layer-by-layer until the object is fully formed.

The Makerbot z18 can make larger objects, while the Markforged uses the materials Kevlar and onyx to create usable functional components, like car parts, for instance.

Companies such as Boeing, GM, Ford and Nike use 3D printers for design projects.

“We are very excited to make our Makerspace printers available to the college and community through our new 3D printing class and our open labs,” said Arias del Cid in a news release. “Anyone enrolled in the college may drop in during our open lab hours, first come, first served … We are happy to teach anyone how to use them. It’s a great resource.”

Recently, students have used the 3D printers to create projects like a model of the Kepler telescope, a hand prosthetics model, small-scale houses and building models,

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