More Macy’s Closings, But Company Won’t Say What Will Happen at La Cumbre Plaza

With the planned closure of some more 125 Macy’s department stores across the country, a company spokeswoman Feb. 5 refused to say if the second Santa Barbara Macy’s will be among those soon to be shuttered. 

Last month after a grim holiday shopping season, Macy’s officials announced the closure of 29 stores, but claimed the La Cumbre venue would remain open. 

“I can confirm that our recent store closings announcement does not impact La Cumbre,” she wrote in an email Jan. 8. 

The other 138,000-square-foot Santa Barbara Macy’s in Paseo Nuevo closed in 2017 and remains vacant, except for some seasonal pop-ups. 

La Cumbre Plaza saw the Sears department store close in 2018 and a number of store fronts are vacant. There is talk of making the vacant Sears into much-needed housing and even building housing in the now-unused parking lot. 

When asked if the La Cumbre Macy’s was on the chopping block now, company spokeswoman Emily Workman said Feb. 5 in an email, “We do not have anything to announce at this time.” 

The $1.5 billion cost-cutting store closures announced Feb. 5 are about one fifth of Macy’s total venues. 

It is estimated that some 2,000 jobs will be lost with the planned closures. 

Posted Feb. 5, 2020.

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