Mom Balances Family, Floral Design Business

By Kathryn Arthur

Luscious rose petals caress one another in the display case, filling the room with a heady scent. The client’s anticipation is palpable as Rita Tate unveils several mood boards, each showing a possible design for the floor-to-ceiling floral showpiece she’s been commissioned to complete. It is time to make a decision.

As the client passionately debates the subtleties of ruby versus blood red roses, she glances up at the small chirp of Rita’s cell phone. Glancing down at the caller ID, Rita sees her daughter’s name flash across the screen and excuses herself. Her role as a mother takes precedence over any business transaction.

“Every time I say yes to one thing, I say no to something else.”

A love for the interplay of design, beauty, and nature is what initially attracted Rita to the floral design industry. With experience as a floral buyer for a high-end grocery chain and as an artist, she finds comfort and joy in using natural materials to make a space beautiful and inspiring.

Flame Floral Design Studio, Rita’s homegrown business, specializes in creative, eco-conscious events. The flowers she uses are seasonal, sustainably grown, and she recycles or reuses all packaging materials.

The process of owning and growing a business, even one she feels intense passion for, has not been easy. As a female business owner and mother of two beautiful daughters, she recognizes the very real struggles of ‘having it all’.

Rita, like millions of women worldwide, met the man of her dreams and found herself in the midst of a challenging situation: balancing the desire to both start a business and start a family.

As Rita said, “Life is scattered. It’s hard to be both a mom and a business owner. Often everything falls on the same night and you have to make a choice. You can’t be in two places at the same time. And at this point in life, my girls are my priority. Nothing comes before them, even if it may slow the growth of my business. These years are too precious to miss.”

Rita recognizes her privilege of having a husband who is working and can help support the family, but even with that blessing; she intrinsically understands just how much time and emotional energy a business can take. It’s no small task.

With societal pressure at an all-time high for women who want both a successful career and a family in the US, it is no surprise that increasing numbers of women are aiming to run their own businesses rather than work on someone else’s schedule. It seems to be one of the few ways to have both a healthy work and family life.

In Rita’s case, she’s made her decision to make her daughters her top priority. “Even if it takes more time to get to where I want to be in my business, my kids matter more.”

At Impact Hub we have a number of female entrepreneurs working to balance the home and work life. It’s not always easy, as we can see from many of our peers, but if we choose our priorities and allow ourselves, without guilt, to make decisions based on the welfare of our families we can go far in both business and life.

Flame Floral Design Studio

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