For Skeptics: Manifesting What You Want; By Jackie Ruka 

Jackie Ruka is America’s Happyologist. Photo by Thomas Love:

By Jackie Ruka
The ego is malleable where it tends to waver to the external. What we see, feel and hear is what the ego absorbs. 

Unfortunately, the external contains 90 percent negative happening in the world. It is our job to sift and retain only the positive. However, the ego focuses more on what we don’t want versus what we want. Shifting to what one wants, can work with practice on a regular basis. This is where the mindset work starts.  

In addition, our subconscious is the habit-forming system from our formative years. Often, the majority of us are operating from this belief system automatically.  When operating with a faulty belief system, in general, may manifest around self- worth, confidence and/or old negative programming, such as, doubt, not feeling enough. The symptom can present itself as a stuck mindset. 

No one is perfect or immune, yet to clear the automation of what’s not working permanently, is by unblocking blocks that are deep within the unconscious. This is the “why” that has led to a faulty automation system around relationships, money, love and success.  

Therefore, you must become clear on what you want. Get technicolor on your vision. Order up exactly what you want the universe to deliver, otherwise known as manifesting. 

Do you want a new job? Are you ready to meet your soulmate? Perhaps you want financial abundance? 

There is a powerful way you can practice to shift your subconscious into believing you have whatever it is you want and no, it is NOT about positive affirmations. Although affirmations can help you stay on track, especially when chaos or turmoil has taken place in your personal world and environment. 

The process is known as “Nevellizing”, coined from the famous mystical writer, Goddard Neville. He believed that you focus on the outcome and imagine what it would be like to have that result in your life, right now. This is not about just focusing on a goal, but actually involves feeling the emotion related to the goal by emerging your mind with the details and how it feels.  

Imagine what will change in your life. For example, imagine a new home and what it feels like to drive up to your new home. Or, let’s say you want to attract $50,000 in the next six months.  

When you sit and imagine what your life will be like, focus on the details. What bills will you get to pay? Physically feel the idea of sitting at your desk writing checks and placing stamps on those bills. Are you smiling and feeling fulfilled? Allow those feelings to consume you. 

Your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is real or imaginative.  You can determine this based on how your body responds to a really scary movie. Your adrenaline goes up and responds to a flight or fight response to a physical danger, even though your conscious mind knows it’s a movie. Just as your subconscious mind responds to fear it also responds to good events as well.  

The key is you must believe it into existence with absolution. When it feels it’s inevitable, is when the magic occurs. People and events and details and opportunities will pop up, almost out of nowhere. Keep in mind it’s up to you when a source is attracted to you; it’s your choice to act upon or not. 

You may be skeptical and that’s OK. However, this technique happens all the time. For example, imagine you decide you want a new white Subaru. Then all you seem to notice around town, on the freeways, in parking lots are white Subarus. This is no coincidence; your mind decided to sift and seek out and those things that became important moved to the top of the list in your mind. 

Howard Shultz, founder of Starbucks, imagined a coffee shop where people sat around and sipped a $4 cup of coffee. At the time Starbucks nixed this idea and continued to sell coffee beans, coffee makers and filters, but not cups of coffee. He moved on as their marketing director and started his own vision of this. Later, he bought out the original Starbucks and today it’s a multi-billion-dollar company. He focused on his vision and his dream and when obstacles appeared, new doors of opportunity opened. 

Although turmoil and grey clouds may hover in your life, this too shall pass. In fact, it’s the best time to determine what you really want? Go deep, get detailed, cut out photos and feeling words as a vision map. The act of creating and imagining is no joke. It’s how electricity was invented and the cell phone, among others. Good things, stemmed from someone’s imagination and growth mindset. 

Jackie Ruka is America’s Happyologist and leadership strategist; learn more about her book and services at Download the free quick guide “5 Mindshifts to Massive Success.” Get on her calendar with a Clarity Game Change Session today. 

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