Kopu Brings Water from New Zealand

Justin and Mindy Mahy are making a splash in Santa Barbara. 

It’s not just from the sparkling water, called Kopu, that they bring from the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. It’s also the stylish, reusable and recyclable aluminum bottles in which their product is carried. 

After meeting at a Kentucky Derby party on a New York rooftop several years ago, Mindy and Justin decided to marry and move to Santa Barbara. The couple honeymooned in Justin’s homeland of New Zealand where they came up with the idea of Kopu.  

Just by chance, Justin said, they happened to be walking by Impact Hub on State Street and decided that’s where they wanted to have their company’s office. 

Kopu, which means morning star, is a perfect fit for Santa Barbara with the region’s rich environmental tradition. The blue bottle was chosen because, Justin said, 75 percent of all aluminum made is still around and can be recycled. The mouth of the bottle was specially designed to enhance the experience of sipping on Kopu, he said. 

While the bottle is quite stylish, the water inside it “feels softer and has tiny, tiny bubbles,” Justin said. “It’s a luxurious drinking experience.” The water comes from a New Zealand aquifer thousands of feet below a dormant volcano. 

The minerals in the light and sweet water include silica, which is known as the “beauty mineral” since it enhances hair, nails and skin.  

While Kopu will soon be found at many Santa Barbara, Southern California and Las Vegas high-end venues, Justin said starting the enterprise took a great deal of effort. “It’s all about tenacity,” he said. “You’ve got to create an amazing product.” 

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