Kop Sun Presents Cannabis Discussion

At a Kop Sun “Leaf Learning” session in Carpinteria on Feb. 27, an audience, that in appearance resembled that of a recent raucous county supervisors meeting, showed up to hear a discussion of cannabis at the local Women’s Club. 

Kop Sun company founder and CEO Tina Fanuccchi-Frontado explained to a crowd of about 50 that she became involved with cannabis after family members became ill and were comforted by the type of medicinal products that became legal for recreational use two years ago. 

Fanuccchi-Frontado said ironically it is legal to grow marijuana in California, but it is against the law to harvest hemp in the state. Many hemp-derived cannabidiol, or CBD, ingredients used in such products oils and lotions are grown in other states like Kentucky where tobacco was grown. 

The controversy over growing marijuana in areas such as Carpinteria has reached a boiling point. Last month, several dozen mature Carpinteria residents, bearing clothes pins for their noses, protested the smell of cannabis growing near their homes and schools before the county Board of Supervisors. Name-calling and expressions of raw feelings ensued. 

But such was not the case at the Kop Sun session. The audience listened intently to a panel of speakers, which included Dr. Margaret Peterson, medical director of the Claudia Jensen MD Center in Ventura, and Liz Rogan, a Santa Barbara cannabis educator. 

Dr. Peterson said many studies about cannabis are set up to try to prove that it is detrimental. Scientific tests that show the theraputic benefits of cannabis products are often quashed, she said. 

Rogan said it is important to know which cannabis products are legal because some that are not could contain harmful impurities. She advised buyers to check with https://www.bcc.ca.gov/ 

The speakers advised the audience to buy products from licensed dispensaries to avoid problems. 

Fanuccchi-Frontado advised the audience “go low and very slow” when using cannabis products for anti-inflammatory purposes for the first time because it “works differently for everyone.” 

She said, “Find out what works best for you.” 

Kop Sun plans to have monthly Leaf Learning sessions starting at 5 p.m. at the Carpinteria Women’s Club, 1059 Vallecito Road. The first was in January. The next one is set for March 27. 

Also, Fanuccchi-Frontado said the classic anti-marijuana movie “Reefer Madness” will be screened April 20, that’s 4/20, at the Alcazar Theater, 4916 Carpinteria Ave., Carpinteria. 

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