Kinko’s Founder Invests in People at Impact Hub

The founder of Kinko’s is the key investor at Impact Hub Santa Barbara and a mentor to many budding entrepreneurs. 

When Paul Orfalea sold Kinko’s to Fed Ex in 2004, he began investing in other enterprises and became one of the South Coast’s most popular philanthropists. He also taught at UCSB, USC and Loyola University. He enjoys staying busy. 

“Sitting still is not my forte,” he said. “I’m just extremely restless and can’t sit still.” 

About two years ago, Paul decided to become the key investor in Impact Hub Santa Barbara, where he frequently mentors its members in a 10-to-12-person group session. He has met a wide variety of entrepreneurs with whom he has shared his wit and wisdom.  

“You invest in people – not ideas,” he said. “It’s really fun to see people be passionate, but every entrepreneur should take a walk sometimes and get a good night’s sleep.” 

Paul said he’s very proud of the members at Impact Hub. “I want to see them succeed,” he said.  

Paul highly recommends the Impact Hub environment. “There are a lot of cool collaborations,” he said. “I like a collaborative environment because of the range of (entrepreneurs) it brings.” 

Impact Hub’s key investor touted the new “Impact Magazine,” which features profiles of many members at the State Street facility. Paul calls it, “a brag sheet for all of our customers to explain what they do and helps out members get publicity.” 

He said, ” There’s something about paper that make you look cool.” 

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