After 88 Years, Joe's Closes! But Now It's Re-opened

1joesOne of State Street’s most popular eateries closed (briefly): Joe’s Café close temporarily April 3 until April 8 for building improvements.

Joe’s has been on State Street on since 1928, originally at 512 State St. It has served many generations of diners who count it as their favorite spot to meet family, friends and clients for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a stiff drink or maybe just a cup of joe. Joe’s moved to its current spot in 1985.

Gene Montesano, purchased Joe’s Cafe in 2003. In 2007, Montesano remodeled and restored Joe’s Cafe to its original 1930’s style. He has played a role in other companies, such as Lucky’s Steakhouse, Cafe Luck, Tre Lune Restaurant, all on Coast Village Road, Lucky Brand Jeans, D’Angelo’s Bakery, Bucatini Restaurant on State and Haley streets as well as other enterprises.

On lower State, the Drunken Crab seafood eatery has yet to open after taking over the spot at 416 State St., which used to house the defunct Killer Shrimp and at one time Baja Sharkeez until it moved a block up the street.

And, up near the corner of Victoria Street, the Brazilian Art Café has quietly overcome some difficulty after asking the public’s help in keeping the restaurant going. The owners put a great deal of improvements into the spot, including a studio in the back of the building used to martial arts and dance classes.

As expected, Chocolat du CaliBresson has relocated from the interior of La Arcada outdoor mall, 1125 State St., to the corner of State and Figueroa streets in a space once occupied by a British goods shop that didn’t last too long.

More comings and goings: Mon Petite Bijou, 1014 State St., a children’s clothing store wedged between a carpet shop and Brazilian martial arts dojo, finally bit the dust earlier this month. Customers were few and far between in that little boutique.