Jackie Ruka: Three Elements to Make Changes Sustainable, Successful

Jackie Ruka is America’s Happyologist.

What to do in difficult times such as these, amidst a global pandemic, protests in America and the challenges related to businesses and livelihoods are the three needed elements to make changes sustainable and successful. 

Learn from the Past: The good and not-so good related to the past, whether in a business or society helps us to evaluate what was done before, what came from it and to honor it with what happened and what was learned. Rather than assign blame to individuals, place focus on explaining the changes being made and why the changes will make things better. 

A Clear Direction Forward: For change to take hold, by the heads and hearts of people, to embrace change and take action, is a prepared way forward and the compelling reason to the solution. Highlighting the greater good differentiates from what was not working so well. Keep in mind, sixty percent of the population are fence sitters and prefer to do the “wait and see” or simply resist change, however, in order to adapt a champion mindset it is up to leaders and difference makers to portray why a clear and concise change mandate is needed and needed now. 

Lean toward Optimism: A detailed and specific way forward that is thorough and concise, debunks anticipation and inspires hope in people. Once people feel secure about the way forward, positive change ensues. 

Jackie Ruka, professional Happyologist, success coach and author, helps professionals, coaches and difference makers thrive in their purpose mentally, emotionally and financially. Opt-in for optimism for updated events and trainings to leverage your expertise

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