How to Get 'Unstuck'


By Jackie Ruka

Hey there Creator, it’s time to get in your zone for happiness, fulfillment and to develop the extraordinary life you desire!

We all get stuck in areas of our lives. Sometimes it’s finances, career, relationships and finding love, or all of the above. This is not necessarily a fault of yours, however, it could be an old recording tape that on an unconscious level has been playing in your head for a long time.

Often, this old tape it is not based on facts and more based on feelings that have convinced you into a false perception of yourself. When negative thoughts set in, it leads to negative feelings and disharmony of action in our lives or inaction, hence feeling stuck.

According to a decade of science, it has been shown that happier people live longer, handle
stress better, earn more money and love what they do, and so can you! Click below and share your feedback.

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Jackie Ruka, “America’s Happyologist,” is a Well-Being expert who skyrockets CEO’s, Leaders, and Women in Business, on how to consciously live stress free by creating mindful systems in life and business. To learn more about Jackie visit her onlineFacebookTwitter  or grab a copy of her best selling book Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life!