Habit Building Up for Sale for $3.2 Million

The owners of the building that currently houses the Hamburger Habit building, 628 State St., is up for sale for a cool $3.2 million.

That includes the adjacent property that once housed Blush Restaurant patio space and more recently the Glass House bar, which closed earlier this year.

Hamburger Habit, which is still independently own by its local founders, is classified as a “long term tenant,” according to Compass First real estate brokers.

While the building might be sold, hamburgers will still be served on a takeout basis.

The building sale includes the former Glass House, or Blush patio, but not the interior of the former restaurant, which now is occupied by a marketing company.

The parcel size is almost 7,000 square feet. The patio space is more than 3,200 square feet.

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