Former Palazzio Eatery Site to Churn Out Even More Pizza

What will Summer Solstice parade fans see when the 45th annual celebration starts at noon June 22? More pizza in what used to Palazzio Italian Restaurant at 1026 State St. 

As if the State Street corridor need another one, opening soon will be the Latteria – OPPI’Z, “a modern, nonconventional Italian bistro and pizzeria concept, still rooted into the tradition of the Italian cuisine and to the “slow-food” manifesto, but absolutely far away from any stereotyped model offered by most of the Italian-sounding restaurants in the USA,” according to its website. 

At last count, more than two dozen eateries on and around State Street dish out those tasty pies. 

The newest pizzeria, according to its website, was founded by Guido Oppizzi who was “(m)otivated by his love for simple, but genuine and tasty foods characterizing the Italian cuisine.” 

Oppizzi said he has reinterpreted the traditional concept of a pizzeria. 

He has done this by “designing a menu comprehending, aside an intriguing selection of gourmet pizzas (prepared with a secret naturally and slowly fermented dough and topped with an unique combination of high-quality ingredients), a selection of fresh, light and healthy dishes like our signature rices in a bottle, savory cheesecakes, tartars, carpaccios and salads.” 

Palazzio closed several years ago and it seemed nothing would ever open in that spot again. However, after a great deal of interior demolition, painters were sprucing up the exterior this week. 

So, depending on how many red tags, or stop-work orders, the city wants to use to slow its opening, Oppizzi’s pizzeria might be open in time for the parade. 

Sadly, across the street, what used to be Aldo’s may not reopen as anything this summer, judging from the amount of demolition debris on what was once a nice Italian-style patio. 

Meanwhile, construction is furiously proceeding on the former Sak’s building where Amazon has leased what is supposed to be a technology center at the corner of State Street and Carrillo Boulevard. 

That totally renovated property is expected to open in December, if the usual amount of city red tags doesn’t exceed the usual amount. 

Posted May 30, 2019. 

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