Farrar Named Glass House Group President

Graham Farrar has been named president of Glass House Group, a Southern California-based cannabis and hemp company. 

He’ll oversee the company’s business strategies, budgets and operations, and report to CEO Kyle Kazan. 

An original member of both Sonos and Software.com teamsand self-described “tech geek,” Farrar also has worked in emerging markets and technology 

He founded Elite Garden, a soil enrichment company, then later worked on Glass House Farms, which now serves as Glass House Group’s cultivation and manufacturing arm. 

Farrar also headed up Glass House Group’s joint venture with Cadiz, the first company to enter into a joint venture with a cannabis and hemp company to be listed on NASDAC 

And, he helped launch artist Bella Thorne’s cannabis and CBD brand Forbidden Flowers and Santa Barbara’s first adult-use retail location the Farmacy, which opened its doors with his expertise. 

 “A core focus of mine will be to leverage my experience in technology, data and analytics to drive operational efficiencies across Glass House Group, its brands and partnerships,” Farrar told the online publication Benzinga. “As proud ‘tech geek,’ I am also particularly excited to help drive our company forward as it continues exploring the incredible power of cannabinoids and we enter into a new, exciting era of the cannabis and hemp sectors.” 

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