‘Drumming for Mindfulness’

‘Drumming for Mindfulness” is the title of a presentation planned for 7 p.m. Feb. 25 by Santa Barbara professional drummer and dancer Budhi Harlow at Impact Hub, 1117 State St.

The goal is raise $1,000 to complete funding for the spring 2017 program cycle of Drumming and Dancing with Mindfulness at Monroe Elementary School, Harlow said. He has been teaching a class at Monroe Elementary School since February of last year.

“The show would include a brief presentation of some of my research, entitled “This is Your Brain on Drumming,” an interactive experience of Drumming for Mindfulness and a performance by my Afro-Jazz band, Panzumo,” Harlow said.

“I am working on a variety of education and community building projects with developing input and support,” Harlow said. “My intention is to be a strategic partner with the Impact Hub with focus on developing practices, culture and technology for mindfulness and wellness.”

The Drum and Dance with Mindfulness Curriculum has been developed during the past 25 years. “I utilize the foundation concepts of rhythm language and motor timing through drumming with directly correlated dance movements to optimize the audio-visual-kinesthetic connectivity of each student, and the class as a whole,” Harlow said.

For more information, see http://budhi7.wixsite.com/drumdancemindfulness

“My students responded positively to drumming with Budhi,” said Monroe second-grade teacher Tiffany Stewart. “Many had had his class last year and their confidence and enthusiasm with the program was great to see. They looked forward to the weekly opportunity to express themselves both physically and rhythmically with movement and sound.”

Stewart said saw student confidence shine when given the opportunity to make music with the drums.

“The fast-focused pace of the class drew the children in and they were able to follow the instruction and expand their ability to use bilateral coordination to drum and dance,” she said. “The mindfulness exercises that ended each class resulted in increased comfort among students with calming themselves through silence, stillness and breath.”

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