UPDATE: Senate Demos Say Puzder Has 'Serious Conflicts of Interest'


UPDATEAndy Puzder


U.S. Senate Democrats said Jan. 26 Andy Puzder has “serious conflicts of interest” because of  to his work for an industry lobby that sued to stop overtime reforms, .

Labor Secretary nominee Puzder’s  Senate confirmation hearing again has been delayed from Feb. 2 to Feb. 7 because he has yet to file his required financial paperwork.

Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., told Puzder the committee overseeing his nomination had not received his ethics paperwork, in a letter sent to the nominee and obtained by The Huffington Post.  Murray said she expected a “detailed account” of what steps he’d take to avoid conflicts related to overtime regulation.

If confirmed, Puzder would be responsible for enforcing the very laws his company has been found to have violated, if he is confirmed as labor secretary .

In the face of mounting opposition, CKE chief Andy Puzder reportedly is having doubts about going through what is expected to be a grueling fight to become U.S. Labor Secretary.

CNN reported Jan. 16 that a Republican source told the network the president-elect’s pick for heading the Department of Labor is wavering amid a crushing flood of criticism from Democrats, labor unions and other liberal groups.

Puzder is head of the company that owns Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s fast-food chain and is moving its corporate headquarters from Carpinteria to Tennessee this year. Puzder has been at odds with California’s upcoming $15 minimum wage law, which goes into complete effect in 2022, and has been in many legal squabbles over his employees’ pay and work breaks.

The GOP source told CNN Puzder is “not into the pounding he is taking and the paperwork.” However, Puzder did send a tweet saying, “I am looking forward to my hearing,” on Jan. 16. His hearing before the U.S. Senate was supposed to be this week, but has reportedly been delayed until an as yet unknown date in February.

Puzder’s ethics and financial documents have yet to be posted with the Office of Government Ethics as required of all top federal nominees.

In a lengthy Sunday New York Times article about his nomination, Puzder declined to interviewed.

CKE has about 100,000 employees in 3,750 restaurants globally. The franchises generate some $4.3 billion in revenue. In the United States, 75,000 employees work at 3,000 Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. locations.

While Puzder headed the company, CKE has paid millions of dollars to settle class-action lawsuits, which claim it failed to pay managers properly by improperly  classifying them in a way to get around overtime rules.