Cinamaker Partners with Panasonic for ‘LiveCTRL’

President and COO Gary Baker of Cinamaker in Santa Barbara said his company has licensed technology to electronic giant Panasonic for “LiveCTRL.”

That’s Panasonic’s new mobile iPad app with Cinamaker-inside enabling control, live switching and streaming select Panasonic pan, tilt and zoom cameras. 

LiveCTRL for iPad is available in Apple’s App Store for free. 

Baker said the system also allows for quick editing with synchronized iPhone cameras. He said it’s best used in indoors in clubs and entertainment venues where the cams can affix to the walls and ceilings 

Cinamaker is getting a new wave of video production with the ability to record professional-grade video without high-grade cameras. 

“This software partnership demonstrates the power and sophistication of Cinamaker’s IP workflow solutions for professional video cameras, and we’re proud to work with Panasonic to help their customers create and live stream more efficiently, with portability and at significant cost savings from traditional desktop and standalone hardware solutions,” said Cinamaker CEO Benjamin Nowak. 

With Cinamaker’s core video production technology built from the ground up atop Apple’s iOS platform, Panasonic’s LiveCTRL can facilitate single or multi-camera live-streamed monitoring and control. Camera control uses a newly designed software joystick and remote operation interface for smooth control and fine-tuning from a software interface. 

With LiveCTRL, a single Panasonic camera stream can be sent to streaming platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Upgrading to a premium license allows a user to switch between multiple cameras, live stream and record, mix audio, add graphics, titles, and b-roll video, and push a finished production to the same streaming platforms and social video outlets. 

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