Carl’s Jr. Tests ‘Rocky Mountain High’ Cheese Burger

The formerly Carpinteria-based parent company of Carl’s Jr. announced April 18 that it will sell hamburgers in Denver on April 20 with CBD in the sauce.  

CKE, which include the Carl’s Jr. And Hardee’s brands, moved its headquarters from the South Coast to Tennessee several years ago. 

A company spokesperson told CNN Business the “Rocky Mountain High Cheese Burger Delight” is not a stunt, but a test of demand that is limited to one Carl’s Jr. in Denver on one day, for now. 

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s have 3,800 locations in 44 states. Hardee’s operates mostly west of the Mississippi River. The burger chain is trying to attract younger customers with meatless burgers and other new products such as the CBD burger, CNN Business reported. 

CBD has little if any of the active ingredient in found marijuana, THC. CBD comes from hemp, which is largely grown in this country in Kentucky where tobacco was once cultivated. 

It is legal to grow marijuana in California, but not hemp. 

As in California, recreational marijuana as well as CBD are legal in Colorado. However, cannabis products are still outlawed by the federal government and other states such as Texas where CBD oil can be confiscated by police. 

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