Cannabis Industry Looking for Good Year Ahead

It appears the local cannabis industry is in for a better year. 

At the March 23 Quarterly Cannabis gathering at the Mill in Santa Barbara, attorney Amy Steinfeld gave a rosy picture of the local state of the marijuana industry. 

Steinfeld is managing partner at the Santa Barbara office of Brownstein Farber Hyatt Shreck. She told a crowd of about 60 people at the Potek Winery that it appears recent governmental actions will allow more cannabis production in Santa Barbara County. 

The Brownstein law firm is heavily involved in land use and water issues. 

Steinfeld also said federal a cannabis reform bill is coming up before Congress next month. At least 33 states allow legal cannabis use now, but the use of marijuana is outlawed by federal law in other states. 

 Another speaker at the event was UC Santa Barbara graduate Kaleb Asfaha, CEO and co-founder of Merso Labs, a testing company. 

Also speaking was India Dvorak, president and chief compliance officer of Pacific Growth Impact. 

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