Biz Academy Leader Sees Tough Times Ahead for Climate

World Business Academy President Rinaldo S. Brutoco told a Santa Barbara crowd of about 200 Nov. 18 that the technology exists to solve global problems, but with the way things are going today human beings have only about 35 years of existence as they are now.

Brutoco leads the nonprofit South Coast-based think tank. He spoke at the Unity Church during the Consciousness Network gathering on “Applied Metaphysics for Creating Abundance.”

He said the world needs a solution similar to the post-World War II Marshall Plan, which allowed Europe and Japan to rebuild. “We have the resources and technology to do it,” Brutoco said. However, he added, the events of this past month show that many key leaders and American voters lack the will to deal such critical issues as climate change.

Brutoco said the academy has done a great deal of work on climate change, but the U.S. president-elect calls it “a Chinese hoax.” Brutoco said while many experts say carbon emissions are causing climate change, methane is worse that Co2. He said the world will see a quick rise in sea levels in coming years.

The academy chief said the No. 1 issue right now is the speed of climate change. He suggested a pre-U.S. Revolutionary War be used to deal with the problem: Committees of Correspondence. The Committees of Correspondence rallied colonial opposition against British policy and established a political union among the 13 colonies.

Brutoco said this month’s election may the last presidential race the nation see because of the winner’s “huge ego.”

Prior to starting the academy, Brutoco served as president of the Chopra Foundation, which feeds of more than 1 million children in India every day. One of the goals of the academy is “to shift the consciousness of young people going into business, particularly at our business schools, to see themselves as entering a noble profession rather than a jungle …,” according to