As Macy’s Plans to Close 29 More Stores, La Cumbre Plaza’s Venue Will Remain Open for Now

The La Cumbre Plaza Macy’s will remain open for now, despite the closure of 29 other stores around the country.

The Wall Street Journal reported Jan. 8 that Macy’s plans to close 29 stores around the nation after a disappointing holiday retail season.

Macy’s closed its 138,000-square-foot store at Ortega and State streets in 2017 and it remains vacant, except for some seasonal pop-up businesses.

However, Macy’s corporate spokeswoman Emily Workman emailed today to say the the 29 closures do not include the La Cumbre Plaza location.

” I can confirm that our recent store closings announcement does not impact La Cumbre,” she wrote.

That’s good news for La Cumbre Plaza since Sears closed last year and a number of store fronts are vacant.

Some talk has surfaced about building housing in the plaza, but no solid plans have been developed yet.

Posted Jan. 8, 2020.

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