AquaViable Completes First Overseas Project

AquaViable’s AV-5 machines are providing pure drinking water for children in Zimbabwe.

Santa Barbara-based AquaViable Solutions has completed its first economic development project that makes water from air for children in Zimbabwe.

Using a condensation process, the company’s AV-5 machines can produce five gallons of pure water from air, said co-founder Rodney Loehr. The machine uses a five-stage purification system with additional two-stage ultraviolet sterilization

AquaViable partnered with  the Rotary Club of Manhattan Beach and Finding Hope Foundation Zimbabwe to supply water for children in Harare, Zimbabwe, with AquaViable’s AV-5 machines.

The children now have a quality source of drinking water and a means of generating income for themselves by filling and selling containers of the fluid.

Loehr and his business partner, Dan Quisenberry, in the South Bay of Los Angeles County have been selling and distributing the machines in Southern California for the past year after starting the company several years ago.



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