9 Action Steps to Achieve What You Want in 2017

By Jackie Ruka

It’s that time to say farewell to another year. Many are relieved to leave 2016 behind and carry hope toward a more positive and happy 2017!

Hope is a wonderful feeling to have, as hope offers opportunity to open our hearts and minds to possibility. However, hope alone can lead to chance and may foster disappointment. It takes action to get more of what you want and if you want a breakthrough year in 2017, try these nine action steps. The nine steps actually spells out HAPPINESS and it’s a formula I utilize with my clients to accomplish happiness in their life and business.

The best way to utilize the formula is to measure  a 1 lowest to a 10 highest in each area to determine where you might need to supplement that area in order to reach your happiness goals.

  1. Habits – Positive habits and discipline are what lead to results.  Are there bad habits you need to break and good ones you could increase in order to reach or expand your success?
  2. Attitude – A positive can-do attitude when coordinated with positive habits is a winning combination.
  3. Purpose – What is your why or the why of your goal? It’s important, as it must have meaning to you, personally and professionally. The meaning is what motivates your desire.
  4. Plan – A goal without a plan is just a dream. Organize your plan with strategies, tactics and action.
  5. Innovation – Try not to re-invent the wheel; don’t over complicate things. Being innovative may be just a simple tweak, step, modification or improvement to what already exists.
  6. Needs – Most focus on what they want versus  need.  Are you leaning your ladder against the right building? Is it necessary and relevant and is it measurable? Are you living and acting in the win/win with yourself and others in your personal and professional life?
  7. Energy – We need energy to move in life to keep our brains and body active. What is your energy level ?
  8. System – Having organization for thought, plan, action and result is based on a sequential system. Are your systems up and running?
  9. Support – People need people, whether it’s friends, family, colleagues and advisers. Do you have a personal and professional team, as you cannot do it or go it alone?

How did you score in each area of the HAPPINESS formula?  What areas can you improve upon to achieve the success and happiness you want in 2017?

We are all improving in our characters this includes our knowledge, skill and desire. Knowledge allows us to know what to do, skill gives us the ability to do it and desire is the motivation to do it.

We are all specks within this Universe, however, the knowledge and energy you hold is an inside job and what you do with it is more important now in which to evoke compassion, kindness and authenticity in 2017. We are being asked to go deeper beyond holding your phone. You will never be heard or understood unless you decide to be present and human.

Since 2016 was a year of learning, resilience and growth, it’s fair to say we have evolved in character and are much more capable of achieving what we want in 2017, because you are clear of what is real and what is your truth. That is my hope for you.

Cheers to your happiness in 2017!

Jackie Ruka, America’s Happyologist ™ and Certified Action Success Coach, skyrockets CEOs, Leaders, and Women in Business, on how to consciously live stress-free by creating positive mindful systems to launch a life and business you love. To learn more about Jackie visit her, online at Facebook, Twitter or grab a copy of her best-selling book Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life!