5 Tips to Get What You Want This Summer & Shift Your Life

 By Jackie Ruka

Ever wonder how super-successful people seem to have it all?  It may appear this way on the outside. However, the inner world may represent a whole different picture. Here’s why.

No matter how successful you may be, there are times of feeling stuck or unfulfilled in an area in your life that remains stale. This does not mean you cannot have it all; it just means you can have it all, just at different times. It’s summer and there is no better time to turn up the volume for what you really, really want!

Perhaps you want more love in your life, more clients, more freedom, more meaningful relationships and more money? Whatever it may be that you want more of is a good sign because it means you are experiencing feelings of abundance and hope. Those particular inner feelings are a sign of the desire for reaching your highest potential.

Here are five tips I use with clients to overcome obstacles and create a positive shift in their lives:

Tip One: Focus on what is working in your life right now. What area of your life is going well? Pick one: work, community, finances, spiritual life, home life, love life or social life.

Tip Two: Feel the feeling! What is allowing this part of your life to be working positively? What is that feeling related to what’s working? Experience it throughout the day for 20 seconds or more.

Tip Three:  Write down your exact vision of your future self. When you incorporate all of your senses and visualize your vision in Technicolor, you attract it to you. By writing it down in a journal, you open up the third eye; the third eye controls the various biorhythms of the body; it works in harmony with the hypothalamus gland. All you need to know is already contained within – accessible via your third eye. And when you open up this new dimension, prepare for a more conscious, meaningful, intelligent and thoughtful life to unfold. Most people experience success with the opening of the third eye via meditation.

Tip Four:  Know that what’s not quite right yet, soon will be. It will get right; it’s coming; it just has not happened yet. Know that it will!

Tip Five:  With action is attraction. Ask yourself what tools or resources do I need to make it more right and what do I physically need to do?

jrukaproffheadshot (1)Jackie Ruka, “America’s Happyologist,” is a Well-Being expert who skyrockets CEOs, leaders and women in business, on how to consciously live stress free by creating mindful systems in life and business. To learn more about Jackie, visit her online at Facebook or Twitter  or grab a copy of her best selling book Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life!   Jackie is an award-winning sales and marketing pro who has built  $100M to $2B brands and teaches you how to have a billion-mindset. With over 5,000 hours mentoring professionals. She is also a speaker, trained psychotherapist and certified action coach through Coaching Federation International, affiliated with McClean Hospital/Harvard University and Medical School.