Power to the People

  • By Jackie Ruka
  • To spend a day in pure joy is uncommon unless viewed as a happy occasion such as a wedding, anniversary or graduation; hence, an epic day with those you love. To say I experienced pure joy the day I marched on Jan. 21 with more than 6,000 people at the Women’s March in Santa Barbara, is an understatement. Without women, there would be no children, no generations, no legacies, no life, no you. To undermine women is a detriment to society as a whole. To march in unity down State Street with women, men, grandmothers, children, dogs, all with a purpose and a smile, truly opened my heart with gratitude of how much we have to be thankful for and why we must fight to protect it.

    The Women’s March, heard around the world, made history and I believe it’s safe to say most are proud to be an American and stand up for social justice not just as women but to rise up for all. This is not about pissing on someone’s parade, or pinning one political party against another, or about Trump or just about Women’s Rights.

    This is a show of solidarity and strength to raise our standards and not be lied to or withstand racism or misogyny, where all lives do matter no matter what. To protect mother earth from greed and environmental harm, this is a responsibility for which we all must be accountable.

    It is usually a person’s mess that starts a movement. For example, M.A.D.D., Mothers Against Drunk Driving, all began from a tragedy turned toward prevention and safety. And for that I say, thank you!

    Metaphorically speaking, the person who can’t hide and was voted into office, whether you like him or not. I also say, thank you for allowing me to be a part of a purpose bigger than myself and bigger than the POTUS.

    Thank you for firing up patriotism for our flag, our freedom and our forefathers who shaped this America through good times and bad and formed traditions where our core values for liberty and justice for all shall remain, where love most certainly trumps hate, where freedom overrides fear, where the future is female.

    We are in the beginnings of a Revolution, which defines a turn around, or fundamental change in political power in a relatively short period of time when the population rises up in revolt against current authorities.

    We the people will not stand for the suppression of our voices and votes, nor will we stand for a government that does not work for the people. It is the power of the people that will carve a healthy, sustainable and abundant America. And the best way to get conscious and stand up for ourselves will be to raise awareness and exercise freedom, not fear.

    So what’s next? Let’s make America care again.

    Jackie Ruka, Certified Action Success Coach and America’s Happyologist™ teaches professionals how to get unstuck and express their greatness to the world through conscious systems and mind shifts. Learn more about Leveraging Your Expertise with your Signature Workshop Program here and connect with Jackie online, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.