15 Actions Highly Successful People Do Differently

By Jackie Ruka

Whether you are a high achiever or have an intense work schedule, the fastest way to stress is trying to do it all by yourself.  

However, highly productive professionals have mastered time management. So, if you want to learn from top athletes, straight-A students and more than 200 entrepreneurs and other billionaires as to what they do differently, here are a few tips: 

  1. Focus on minutes: Of the 1,440 minutes in a day, use them wisely and with intention.

Set daily priorities: The task that is the most important or hardest is the one you should work on every morning for two hours. 

  1. Do away with your TO DO LIST: Place ALL activities, including your workout time, in your calendar.
  2. Beat procrastination: Imagine your future self has already done the task, and get it done NOW, so your future self will have time to do the things she really wants to do.
  3. Eat dinner: Being home for dinner, by time-blocking your priorities throughout the day, will have you home and feeling guilt free. 
  4. Utilize a notebook: Capture everything including your ideas in a notebook, this way you keep your mind clear. By decluttering your brain, you intuitively organize your thoughts, which encourages goal achievement. 
  5. Only check email two times a day, three at most: Look at emails once in the morning, respond, then afternoon emails and social media in the afternoon. This way your flow is not interrupted. 
  6. Avoid meetings: try to have short meetings at all costs, if at all.
  7. Say NO: What you would normally say yes to, start saying NO, unless it is part of your goals.
  8. Follow the 80/20 Rule: Spend 80 percent of your time on the top 20 percent that produces outcomes. Find that 20 percent. 
  9. Delegate or outsource: The majority of your time should be spent on what you are good at. The rest should be outsourced or delegated to. For example, if you are the boss or CEO, focus more ON your business not IN your business. Systems and process can be handled by parties whose time is dedicated to those tasks.
  10. Work theme days: schedule certain days of the week for major areas and work tasks around those days.
  11. Touch things only once: If something will take less than 10 minutes, do it immediately, so it is complete. 
  12. A morning ritual: From Tony Robbins to Oprah, a morning ritual sets the tone for your day. Set aside an hour each morning for mental, physical and spiritual health. Journaling and gratitude are also important for improving happiness.
  13. Focus on energy, not time: Maximize your energy throughout the day and take breaks in between. Get lots of sleep, eat well and exercise, this improves sharpness and productivity.
  14. Journaling: I highly recommend a gratitude, happiness and goal-setting journal. Most successful people spend 15 minutes a day journaling, it is the No. 1 method to overcoming obstacles. 

What do you do that keeps you focused, productive and performing? Share your thoughts in the comments section and thanks for stopping by! 

America’s Happyologist, Jackie Ruka, is a transformational leadership coach for professionals who crave freedom and are ready to discover living life on their terms. Her mind shifts and techniques are shared in her best-selling book “Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life!” Learn more about Jackie and what she has to offer by visiting her Facebook pageTwitter or engage in complimentary 15-minute introduction here. 

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