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How do you like rotating banner ads and one-of-kind local Cannabis industry page?

More content and more ads appear on the home page in 2020 and we’re approaching 100,000 views quickly. Rotating banner advertisements are  below the masthead. The new page dedicated to covering what’s happening in the sprouting cannabis industry is a huge success.

Advertising rates are now:

Banner-size ads now cost $700 for six months.

Business card-size ads cost $200 for three months or $500 for a six-month duration.

Give us your company logo or any image in a jpg or png format and we will post it and link it your website or other social media page.
Questions? Give me a call: (805) 319-0744.

Why read

We will write about commercial real estate, the ever-changing face of retail, tourism, technology and the prominent wine industry in this community.

Careful, consistent tracking of local, regional and national economy affects business stability is an essential resource. Lack of insights about the economic climate could result in ill-conceived decisions with the potential to damage businesses, property owners and workers, and diminish the community’s overall prosperity and resiliency.

If business owners, landlords and government officials fail to grasp economic trends, they are more likely to panic and make unwise decisions that affect the region. This could prompt a general panic that could lead to layoffs, company closures and other economic maladies. is here to fill the gap that business owners and leaders need to fill when it comes to knowledge about economic and business trends that will affect employment, retail, start-up companies and other important variables.

Follow us for updates as we continue to grow.

Also, has a sister company, REMC, which provides PR, marketing, branding, events, etc. See REMC Press Releases and REMC Broadcast for examples.

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